Destinations Visited

  • Moshi / Kilimanjaro
  • Zanzibar
  • Dar Es Saalam


Climbing Kilimanjaro is not a technical mountain by any means, but its difficulty comes from how well you deal with altitude. Everyone I talked to who had done this climb before me, and everyone i talked to there, told me its the toughest thing they had ever done in their lives.

Its the highest free standing mountain in the world which means when you climb it there is a massive shift in altitude very quickly.

You can take diamox which is a prescription drug for altitude sickness, but this usually causes tingly hands and needing to pee a lot so your sleep gets broken up. Weirdly enough the drug viagra can also be used for altitude sickness.

There are 5,6 and 7 day tours on different routes. I would recommend the Machame Route over 6 days. There is a much higher success rate for summiting the more days you choose. This is mostly down to allowing for being properly acclimatised. The Machame Route is also apparently a lot more scenic

Once you reach Stella point you’ve passed the hardest part. You then have about 1:45 left to go to get to the summit. There is some amazing views of the glacier on your way. Good luck!

View near Stella point

Kilimanjaro – At the top


Nungwi – nice village near the top of the island. One of the main tourist spots. Lots of activities and day trips available.

Kendwa Rocks – pretty similar to Nungwi but the Kendwa Rocks accommodation is the place to be. Lots of other travellers, fun parties, activities, day trips. You can also play volleyball for free there and learn to kite surf. Then sun goes down over the water as its west facing so the sunsets are beautiful

Jambiani – small village which isn’t touristy. More of an off the beaten path feeling and more privacy. Right on the beach. I prefer the other side as on the east side of the island the tide goes out really far and you don’t get to see the sunsets.

Stonetown – the main town on Zanzibar. Freddy Mercury was born here. Its a cool old port town with a great fish market in the evenings. You will get offered to buy spices a lot!

Zanzibar Market

Dar Es Saalam

Dar Es Saalam is a very big city, with a lot of traffic/rubbish/pollution. You can go to places like shopping malls if you want to escape the regular africa village life for a bit. We weren’t huge fans of Dar and got out pretty quickly.

We caught a train from here to Kapri Moshi in Zambia. This is the TAZARA train. Its 3 days in a train! Actually the bus is faster, but the train is a fun experience. There is food service on the trains which is usually something like fried chicken and rice, or the most oily omelette you never eaten for breakfast. I recommend bringing some snacks if you are going to do this

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