Our experience

We found Botswanan people to be very proud of where they are from and also found the country was a lot richer than we expected. As well as Namibia the locals here get free education and medical.

We stayed in Old Bridge Backpackers in Maun while we negotiated a safari. It’s almost a safari just staying there. We had a hippos in the estuary and also a crocodile just basking in the sun about 20 meters away from where we were. It’s a 20 pula taxi into town ($2usd). We talked to numerous safari operators Once we had found a safari we were happy with we departed for our 10 day safari

The Safari

We did a bit of research in order to find a safari that would take us to the places we really wanted to go. Of course we negotiated the price and got the company down from $260 per day to $130. We were supposed to be part of a bigger group, however it turned out to be a private tour with the two of us, our friend Jack, the safari guide, chef and helper. We also didn’t realise the we booked a “luxury” safari which meant the food was delicious and we had “en suite” tents with toilets at the back and hot showers.

The safari covered

  • Okavango Delta
  • Moremi Reserve
  • Savuti
  • Chobe National Park
  • Chobe River

Okavango Delta

Ever since watching BBC Planet Earth we have wanted to visit the Okavango Delta. The delta has a lot of wildlife due to the life the water brings.

We used a mokoro (a small boat) to get into the delta and find our spot to camp for the night. Going near hippos in these flimsy little boats was a little nervy. We then did a walking safari which feels just as dangerous as it sounds. We came across a bull elephant, zebra, buffalo and impalas.

That night sleeping in the tent we had a hippo walk through out campsite grunting. Tent walls never felt so thin. going to the toilet in the middle of the night was a scary experience since in the middle of doing the business an elephant decided to join..

Moremi Reserve

We had wild dogs in campsite! We had heard something growling and that’s how we saw them. I had my headlamp and saw their eyes glowing in the night and running towards us. We were eating dinner and Brighton (the chef) yelled lions in campsite and we all jumped into the truck and tried to find them in the headlights, we then saw it was dogs and they’d just made a kill right there. They soon disappeared but sleeping that night was a little more scary

We also saw 3 male lions after they’d just fed on a wilder beast carcass and they were fat and sleeping. There was one female, they all kept standing up and then lying down by just flopping onto the ground. Amazing how incredibly lazy a male lions life can be.


Driving into Savuti our trailer wheel fell off at leopard rock where we were stuck for over an hour. It is called leopard rock precisely because there are known to be leopards there. So it wasnt ideal being stranded there. Alas we survived again 🙂 We later spoke to another group that asked if we saw the leopard earlier in the day, right by leapard rock.. luckily we didnt.

Leopard looking for lunch

Chobe National Park

In chobe the highlight was seeing a Leopard vs baboon antagonising each other until they had a fight. Annoyingly we missed the actual fight as we had to get back before dark, we could head them fighting in the distance so we don’t know who was the victor

Chobe River

We did a safari river cruise which felt very touristy. The highlights were seeing a lion eating an elephant, loads of hippos, buffalo, elephants,crocodiles and birds


2 thoughts on “Botswana

    1. We went with Mosu. Yeah they were good and i recommend although it does depend on the guide and cook they give you. Their food and tents etc were all pretty much brand new


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