South Africa 

Destinations Visited

  • Capetown
  • Stellenbosch
  • Great White Shark Cage Diving
  • Garden Route


One of our favourite cities in the world, it just seems to have everything going for it. We spent about a week in Capetown and stayed in the Once in Capetown backpackers.

One of the obvious things to do is climb up table mountain. If you start around the Kirstenbosch side of table mountain at the botanical gardens you get to see views from both sides and the climb is more interesting through the forest. We managed to get lost on the top somehow. Luckily saved the day and we found the track again but it’s surprisingly big on the top so don’t get caught out

The nightlife is really good, head down to Fricton for a really late night

The food is epic in Capetown. It seemed like every restaurant we went into had outstanding food. The braiis, the tacos, the burgers, the cakes, the salads… all divine. Knead has awesome red velvet cake


Stellenbosch is a famous wine region and town not far from Cape town. Here you can book on to doing a wine tour. We couldn’t believe how cheap it was considering what we got.

We went to 3 wineries for a total of 500 rand (between 6 of us). Each winery had different themes. The first was wines paired with biltong, olives and cheeses and the second winery (Bilton) was paired with chocolates. You have to pay for the tasting menu at each winery and they are around 70 rand. The last winery (Jordans) had the best wine but there was no pairing, only the wine.

After 3 wineries, and not spitting the wine. You will be pretty much ready for home

Bilton wines paired with chocolate

Great White Shark Cage Diving

Going great white shark cage diving is one of the best things we’ve ever done. To be in the water with this awe-inspiring apex predator can make it hard to avoid peeing in your wetsuit.

The way it works is you get put into groups and each group gets time in the cage. The crew will put chum (blood, fish guts) into the water to attract the sharks. When the sharks arrive you hop into the cage and the crew will throw a tuna head on a rope out in front of the cage. When the shark sees the tuna head, it will go to attack it, and the crew will pull the tuna head towards the cage giving you an amazing view of the shark with its mouth open coming right at you. Forget sky diving, this is a much better rush


Great White on our cage dive – Photo Cred Tanner Wilson

Garden Route

The garden route is the coastal drive between Cape town and Port Elizabeth.

We rented a car and the idea is to stop at beautiful beach towns along the coast.


Some of the stops we liked were Mossel Bay, Ksyna, Peltenburg bay and the southern most tip of africa.

Southern most tip of Africa

You can stop in Betty’s bay to see these penguins for free

The best steak sandwich we have ever had was in Plettenburg bay. There was a french chef who decided he wanted a quieter life and has a food stall near the beach. This sandwich was so good that we drove an extra 3 hour round trip for this delicious food the next day, some of us even had two! We still dream about this sandwich with homamade bread, homemade mustard, garlicbutter, steak and he lovely french chef who made it for us. You can check him out on tripadvisor here Chef Laurent


Friggen delicious



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