2 weeks in Brazil

A country full of beaches, caiparinia, tiny bikinies and beautiful people.

Destinations visited

  • Rio de Janeiro
    • Christ the redeemer
    • Sugar Loaf
  • Paraty
  • Ilha Grande
  • Foz du Iguazu

Rio De Janerio

Having been told that Rio is a very expensive place to be we were sightly worried about going there on a backpacker budget. However it turns out it’s quite easy to do on the cheap

We stayed at Walk on the beach hostel in Copacobana. The staff was amazingly helpful and friendly, probably the best staff we have come across in our years of travel and best of all it was only $7usd a night with breakfast

Sugar loaf. Here you can take the  cable car up to the first mountain and then further to the second. You can also walk, this is only 30min of uphill and not a hard walk. In order to the second mountain you need to take a cable car which is R$40 return. We decided against this since it was cloudy and we wouldn´t be able to see the much of the view anyway.

You need to walk down before the trail closes around 18.00 depending on the time of year. There is no entrance fee once you walk up, so we managed to get there for free.

Christ the redeemer. There is a pretty cool train up to the Christ, around 70 Reis so this is pretty expensive to see Christ. Again, there is a walking trail which goes all the way up, around 1.5hr walk depending on fitness level. There is an entrance fee of around 12 reis low season or 24 high season.img_1264

Two brothers. There is the most amazing view from the two brothers mountain in the favella. Here the walk up is around 1 hour, you can buy drinks or snacks on the way up as well if needed. You can take the bus from the centre of Rio, however since there were four of us going up it was cheaper to order an Uber. Once you get to the favella you can take a taxi, bus or motorcycle to the start of the trail for between 3-5 reis. Another cheap day in Rio.



Pronounced (Para-chi), this colonial little towns streets fill with water with the tide. Depending on the tide times you can get some nice photos up the streets filled with water. It’s about 3 hrs from Rio on a bus.

One of the must dos in Paraty is to head out to the Toboga falls. The natural rock formation there means you can slide down the waterfall into a pool at the bottom. It’s a lot of fun! The local guys will go down the waterfall standing up, however they will recommend you don’t do this as it’s a quick and easy injury if you dont get it right. You can easily take a bus out there every hour from the main bus station. On the way back the last bus leaves around 3pm.

Ilha Grande

Pronounced by the locals (illa grandge-e). This archipelago of island is spectacular. It also boasts the second best beach in Brasil, Lopez Mendez. The best is on an island hundreds of kilometers way so it’s not really realistic to get to.

We based ourselves in Vila do Abraão. Here you can organise hikes up the mountains on the island and boat trips around the island.

We opted for the boat trip and it was nice.. but you follow a load of other speed boats to the busiest areas and it all feels a bit cramped. In saying that, the scenery is beautiful and its worth doing, just don’t expect a secluded beach to yourself

The next day we did a walk over to Lopez Mendez. This was a full day outing and it takes about 3 hours to get there from Vila do Abraão. It is a beautiful and sweaty walk. We opted to take the boat back to the main town. Of course you can take the boat both ways.

Foz Du Iguazu

Amazing giant water, one of the biggest in the world. Please see here for more information Iguazu


Brazil Gallery

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