Bolivia tour

Bolivia is a place where it all gets a little bit crazy and you learn to expect the unexpected. Before we even arrived to La Paz another traveller was telling us he was mugged while there and he also saw a dead person lying on the road. Can’t wait?!

Destinations visited

  • La Paz
  • Lake Titicaca / Copacobana 
  • Uyuni
  • Tupiza
  • Salar De Uyuni (Salt flats)

La Paz

We stayed in Loki Hostel, there is a great view from the top of the hostel over La Paz. The likes of Ché Guevara and US president Roosevelt have stayed in this building when it used to be a 5 star hotel.

Things to do in La Paz

  • See the city by cable car, this is super cheap at around 2B per ride. The cable has only just opened and there will continue to be more lines added.
  • Death road. This is probably the most popular thing to do in La Paz. You bike down a tarmac road for 35km and 35km down a dirt road. The last part is whats considered the world most dangerous road. The reason for this road being so dangerous is that there is only one track. Trucks and cars are coming both up and down this road only a single track, whilst slighty high from chewing on coca leaves and drinking pure alcohol. However these days most people used the new tarmac road built around the mountain rather than using the first road. There are so many different companies that offer this as an attracting, all offering the same pick up, ride, lunch with pool. The main different in the prices depends on the bikes which is being offered. Depending on your preference of bikes you can pay between 300 and 800 B for the day trip.
  • San Pedro prison. This has been made famous by the book Marching Powder, written by and australian journalist that lived in the prison whilst the British Thomas Mcfadden was sitting in for cocaine smuggling. Crazy Dave gives a very theatrical performance every day outside the prison at 13.00 for around one hour. This is one of the highlights for us in La Paz to hear some of the crazy stories from Crazy Dave and how he lived in the prison for 15 years. If you go here please remember to tip him at the end.
  • Cinema. This is a bit of a treat to go to the movies. The cinema we went to is set in a posh mall with burger king, cinnabun and lots of other places to eat. The price for the movies depends from 15 – 45 B per movie. (Don’t trust the cinema website for movie time as it was wrong when we arrived)
  • Witches market – here you can buy everything from dead baby lamas to herbal treatments for better bedroom performance and of course everything alpaca related.
  • Food market street. Here you can literally buy everything you need for the daily shop, no need to go to a supermarket in La Paz. The ladies selling the food would have grown most of the stuff themself and are very proud of their food. Please do not try to haggle with the food as this is seen a bit of an insult of their produce. When approaching them refer to them as casera/casero (this means buyer) and finish the purchase with “yapa” and you might receive something small extra for free.
  • Moon Valley – Quadbiking
Crazy Daves Delerium
Gondola Over La Paz From Alto

Lake Titicaca / Copacobana 

Lake Titicaca, yes it is a hilarious name, and it’s actually a very beautiful unique place. This little town on the lake is fast being accustomed to tourism. There are hostels everywhere and prices seemed to be a bit more than La Paz.

We did hike up to Cerro El Calvario which overlooks the town and is at 4100m altitude. Because of the altitude the walk is harder than it looks depending how acclimatised you are. There some nice religious artifacts up there and people selling their crafts as per usual.

View over Copacobana from Cerro Calvario


The gateway town to the salt flats. We wouldn’t advise spending more than a day here outside the salt flat tours. The most interesting attraction in Uyuni is the train graveyard. It has lots of old rusting trains from when the mineral industry collapsed in the 1940s, so they became abandoned. If you can get their early you can get some nice pictures without people in them, otherwise its pretty busy. It’s normally included as part of a salt flats tour.

Train Graveyard- Uyuni


Small town which you can book your Salar De Uyuni tours from. This can be a handy place to go if bus timings don’t work out getting to Uyuni from Villazon.

Salar De Uyuni (Salt flats)

If you are booking a tour from Uyuni, the average prices were around $800 bolivianos but we heard prices of tours going for $600 bolivianos (Dec 2016). For tours leaving from Tupiza the normal was around $1200 bolivianos but we paid $950. Finally tours from Atacama in Chile where around $100, 000 chilean peso.

Included in the tour

  • Tour Guide
  • Transport
  • Cook
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Water

Costs not included in the tours in Bolivianos

  • 150 Park Entrance
  • 15 Ruins
  • 6 Hot pools
  • 30 Fish Island
  • 10 shower



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