Costa Rica

If you like nature, chocolate and sloths, then I am sure you will love Costa Rica. It’s a bit more expensive than the other central american countries and is pretty popular with people from the US.

The have also reported wiped out malaria from he country and you can drink the tap water. It feels a lot more like a 1st world country than I expected

We didn’t spend a lot time here because we found it to be so expensive

Destinations Visited

  • Monteverde
  • Puerto Viejo


The famous activity to do here is the zipline tour. It boasts one of the ziplines that’s 2km long! This was a really good day activity and it all finishes with the Tarzan swing. There were a lot of swear words that left my lips but it was totally worth it and capped off the whole experience

Tarzan swing in Monteverde

Puerto Viejo

This town has a reputation for feeling like little Jamica. We actually went to Jamica and we like this town better. It’s a cool rastafarian vibe, really nice surrounding beaches and activities.

Anna went on a Chocolate tour called Chocorart which was so much more than just chocolate. The guy who runs it is from Switzerland and knows all the different fruits around the area. He has 17 different varieties of banana on his property let alone everything else. During the tour you can try lots of the different exotic fruits

Chocolate fruit


Humming bird at our hotel during breakfast



Sloth near the beach


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