Iguazu Falls – Which side is better?

Iguazu – Which side is better? Argentina or Brasil?

We heard a lot of comments from people saying one side is better than the other. We think that is rubbish and both sides are actually just as good as one another… but they are different

The Argentina side is better to feel like you experience the falls from. You can get right in close to the falls and view over the devils throat. But you cannot get a grasp for the falls as a whole with a nice vista.

Argentina – Devils Throat

The brazilian side is better to get a view of the whole falls and really feel like you have “seen it”. We also got to see Tucans on the Brazil side which was nice. You can still get up close to the falls near the top of the walk but not the same as the experience of the devils throat on the Argentina side

Tucan on the Brasil side
Brasil Vista
Brasil – close at the top

Doing both in a day is achievable but you will spend a little bit of time crossing the border between the countries

If you still don’t know which side to do.. do both!

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