Namibia to us was a total surprise. It has amazing variety in landscape and also so unique

Destinations Visited

  • Windhoek
  • Tsumebi
  • Etosha National Park
  • Swakapmud & Walvisbay
  • Sossusvlei & Deadvlei
  • Luderitz

Hitchhiking in Namibia

We hitchhiked a lot in Namibia and always found it easy. One of the reasons is that you are normally expected to pay a small contribution to fuel for your journey. We found this to be ideal because we could get a ride after only one or two cars have gone past. The contribution depends on how far you are travelling but its best to agree on a price before so there are no unexpected surprises at the end. We paid about $5 usd for a 3 hour journey.


We hitchhiked to Windhoek from the Botswanan border and found accommodation at Chameleon hostel which was a really good spot. Windhoek we used as a base to get around Namibia.

Windhoek is a very metropolitan city. Lots of big buildings, shopping malls and traffic. Great if you’ve been in Africa for a while and need to find something like camera equipment that you struggle to find elsewhere

We then hired a car from thrifty and drove to Tsumebi. Make sure you take a good video of the condition of the car, including the tyres before you leave as they screwed us on wear and tear of a tyre.

We caught train to the town Keetmanshoop overnight. It’s a very slow train as it takes all night to do 300 km. The train was super cheap, however also very cold. Ensure you bring a blanket or sleeping bag and maybe some food for the ride. The are different classes if tickets, we were only able to get first and second class tickets as the train was nearly sold out by the time we bought our tickets. That meant we got a bed each (either 4 or 6 beds per cubicle) however if you are travelling third class you will just have a seat. Overall it was a pleasant ride, even though it was very slow it made sense for us to take the overnight train and being able to sleep was just a plus.


Accommodation isn’t really easy to come by in Tsumebi so we did couch surfing. We stayed with an amazing group of people Jens, Jalhandre and Eliza who are local and all work for the mines. They were amazingly generous and first night they made us a big braii and fed us their homemade kudo biltong. We used Tsumebi as a gateway town to the Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

Etosha National park is an area that is very dry in the dry season. There are limited water sources for the animals to drink from. This means they all need to come to the same watering holes. So rather than a regular safari of going and searching out animals, in Etosha, if you wait near waterholes, the animals come to you.

You can easily self drive safari in Etosha as the roads are very good.

At night time there is a great opportunity to see the rare black rhino at one of the waterholes that is also a campsite. The campsites set up big flood lights at the waterhole so you can see the animals when they come to drink



We stayed at Skelton beach backpackers for 2 nights. Best beds for a hostel… ever. The town is a very nice beach town which has a big german influence. There are a lot of walks you can do around the town, eat lots of good food but other than that not the most happening place to be.

Walvis Bay

The only reason we came here was to see the flamingos and they did not disappoint. We saw hundreds of them, beautiful pink flamingos. If you happen to be in the area it’s totally worth stopping here just for them



Sossusvlei has an amazing landscape of impressive sand dunes. One of the highlight is to climb dune 45 for sunrise. The climb up in the morning is very tough mainly because the air is so dry, however once you get up there you wont regret the walk. Another cool thing about this was the sand was amazingly red when you kick it up.


Deadvlei, you can either walk in or take one of the tourist trucks for a small fee. If you do decide to walk, please bring lots of water. Deadvlei, is a salt desert with dead trees and surrounded by sand dunes, definitely worth the ride and small walk to see this place.


Luderitz is a small little surf town on the west coast of Namibia. In this town there is an old abandoned diamond mining town. This now gets referred to as a Ghost town and all the desert sand has blown through the buildings. Its spectacular

Diamond mine workers used to do all kinds of things to steal the diamonds. They would even try to hide them by inserting them up their penis. If they get caught, they would have  an operation to remove the diamond and then go straight to jail. I’ll just stick to Tiffanys in that case

Ghost Town in Luderitz
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