Destinations Visited

  • Ciudad Del Este
  • Encarnation
  • Trinidad

One of the benefits to going through Paraguay if you are heading down South America from Foz Du Iguazu is that the buses are a lot cheaper

Ciudad Del Este

Easily visited from a day trip from Foz Du Iguazu, this place is such a contrast from the rest of Paraguay. It’s full of cheap electronic shops and lots of people hustling trying to sell memory sticks or selfie sticks

There seems to be a massive fluctuation in prices of the same goods in different shops. Also we heard a lot of the merchandise is old faulty or recalled stock from other western countries so don’t be too surprised if your memory stick doesn’t work.


Encarnation is a pretty quite town, basically a gateway town for visiting the old Jesuit missions sites in Trinidad or Jesus.


This is the least visited UNESCO in the world. I think this is more a reflection on Paraguay itself than the ruins as Trinidad is  nice and well maintained

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