El Salvador

We travelled through El Salvador with some friends we met in a campervan so we had a break from relying on public transport.


Juayua is a nice little town with not a lot to do. There are some 

  • waterfalls you can walk to from town and swim at
  • visit the church
  • get involved in karaoke over dinner with the locals

When we went to the waterfalls there was a Local guy climbing waterfall and jumping into dangerously shallow water which he said is about 3 meters deep but was actually about 1.5 mts. We opted to be spectators rather than join him. We think he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic

One of the annoying aspects to this town (including a lot of Central America).. No one lets you sleep in! The locals either have roosters or fire crackers, going off at 5am bubble horns trying to make sales etc


We stopped at this lake overnight and swam in a pool. It was next to a lake which was not really swimmable. The place didn’t feel very special and it really bucketed down with rain overnight

Too much excitement for this local man
El Cuco

There is a nice beach side resort here called La torta verde. We actually stayed down the road because it was cheaper and just spent the days at la torta verde. They have a resident pelican there called Albert which they have rescued as he only has one wing.

The volunteers here look after the place and also try and organise games or football and other activities so it’s quite an easy place to spend more time here at the beach learning to surf and getting to know people

Storm commuting in off the coast

Albert the pelican

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