Panama, the must visits

Destinations Visited

    • San Blas Islands
    • Bocas Del Toro
    • Panama City

San Blas Islands

As we wanted to cross from Panama to Colombia there are not a lot of options, fly, motorbike or sail via the San Blas Islands. We opted the latter and we did not regret that decision. Please see the San Blas experience here San Blas Islands, Panama to Colombia

Bocas Del Toro

Bocas is an archipelago of islands, but not as nice as san blas. Still definitely worth a trip. There is a cool beach called Starfish beach on Isla Colon which is about an hours drive from the main town Bocas del toro

Starfish Beach

Our favourite place to stay was just off Isla Colon called Aqua Lounge. It is like a playground for adults and over the water! They had trampolines, jumping points, starfish, swings and good parties

Aqua Lounge Hostel

Panama City

We were kind of expecting Panama city to just a big crappy city that we would want to get out of straight away. This wasn’t the case. The old town is beautiful, the fish market has amazing ceviche and the trump tower is a great spot to take in the city view

We headed up to the top of the trump tower where you can visit for free, buy a drink and take the views. It’s not cheap for a drink so make it last


You can take a bus very easily to go visit the Panama canal. Its $15USD entry to see the canal and you need to time it so there will be boats coming through.. Otherwise you won’t get to see it working and it will just look like a crappy river

Typical local buses with amazing decorations
Cool graffiti around Panama Old Town

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