San Blas Islands, Panama to Colombia

Sailing from Panama to Colombia via the San Blas Islands

If a beach or island hoping holiday is something that appeals to you then this is about as good as it gets. Sailing around this archipelago of 348 tiny islands where the only amenities are either a coconut tree or a local villager hut is really something else.

Our trip started by catching a bus to Puerto Lindo from Panama city for 3 hours. We met the captain of our boat at around 2pm in order for him to organise the exit stamp for Panama. We then sat around in the restaurant and walked over to the tiny village and generally did nothing until we off at 10pm at night to head for the islands on this 30ft yacht.

We met the whole group in Puerto Lindo, which consisted of 10 people total plus the chef and the captain. We all got on straight away which was pretty nice since we were about to spend the next 6 night on the boat together.

When we woke in the morning we were surrounded by this plethora of islands.

One essential for this trip is a good crew or group of people to do it with. If not, other boats follow the same path as you and so if you really want then you can make friends on other boats to.


It felt like we spent more time in the water than out of it on this trip. The weather was hot and the snorkeling was great. We saw nurse sharks, which are safe by the way, eagle rays, loads of different tropical fish, morays, crayfish and we even got to swim with dolphins!

Another cool aspect was that while we were sailing we were trawling for fish. We ended up getting two big tuna, barracuda and mackerel. The chef then cooked up this fresh catch for lunch

For the first three days we spent each day at a different island, waking up to our chef having cooked something delicious for breakfast.

We would then spend all morning in the water or sailing to one of the islands close by or taking the kayak out for a paddle.


The food on the boat was delicious, the chef really knew his way around the kitchen and every time we sat down for a meal we were treated to the best food including fresh lobster. The chef also did great in catering for vegetarians.

After spending three amazing days in  around the islands it was time to set sail for Colombia. This crossing on the open sea takes around 36 hours depending on the weather. All around we were pretty lucky with the weather, a couple of people fell seasick however with a few seasickness tablets they were back to normal in no time.

Once we arrived in Cartagena in Colombia the captain sorted out passports with the entry stamp to Colombia and then we were free to go.

We highly recommend doing this trip as it was in our top 3 things we did on a year-long holiday.


The trip cost us $550 USD and we did it with Blue Sailing on a boat called Reel Big Fish 2. Blue sailing in an agency that finds a boat that suits your needs and date requirements since they work with 25 different boats. Please check them our here Blue Sailing

As well as the price above you also have to pay 20USD to the Kuna people, this is the kuna tax. Of course it’s also possible to do the trip from Colombia to Panama.



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