What to do in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Before arriving to Cambodia we didn’t really have any expectation of the country. However we very much like this country. They have so much to offer from friendly people, beautiful temples, Mekong river, amazing beaches and loads of bakeries.

  • Siem Reap
    • Angkor Wat, see blog post here
  • Phnom Penh
    • Sunset cruise
    • The Killing fields, see blog post here
    • S21 museum, see blog post here
    • TeaHouse Hotel
    • Russian Market
    • Spa, see blog post here
  • Koh Rong island, see blog post here

Phnom Penh

Not being much of a fan and big cities we didn’t have high hopes for Phnom Penh. However we were very pleasantly surprised. People are sure friendly, tuk tuk drivers aren’t that annoying and the general atmosphere is great.

They are so many amazing bakeries in Phnom Penh (and the rest of Cambodia). If like me you have a sweet tooth and expected to lose weight while in Cambodia, think again. It’s just too good not try. Of course we have to try the “local” delicacies right? One of our favorites was Joma bakery, four different locations in the city (and they deliver)

One of the main attractions of Phnom Penh is seeing the Killing fields and the S21 museum. These place are pretty deep and you won’t come out smiling after the visits. For directions and our experience here

Sunset cruise on Mekong river

There are many cruise companies to go with in Phnom Penh and we look at diffrent optinos. We chose Cambo cruise, as in our opinion, they offer more than the other companies and their boat is new, only 3 months old.

Unfortunately for us it was rianing, a lot, the night we went on the sunset  dinner cruise. However it was all around still a great evening. Meeted and greeted by the super friendly staff on board the boat we got our welcome drink.

The drinks are so good, we had a fair few and I can highly recomends the special cocktails. My favorite is lightly girly but oh so delicous. If checking out the boat make sure the Captains special drinks.

As we take of the is a small two person band playing a few instruments which is so nice to listen to. We are just enjoyinh the view, the music and of course a few drinks.

Downstairs the chefs are busy preparing the buffet dinner, which is looking pretty delicous and smells even better. So when they annouce dinner is ready we are straight down to eat the food, which tasted beautiful.

Check out Cambo Cruise here


Tea House Hotel

Walking into the hotel between the ponds where the  waiter was waiting with welcome drinks and help us with our bags, we liked the place already. Beautiful Chinese themed hotel with fresh flowers, cute seating areas, afternoon tea station and a very enticing pool.

The pool is a great place to cool of from the hot sticky Cambodian weather. From here they serve you food from the restaurant, so you can literally sit in the pool, enjoying a nice refreshing cocktail and eating chips. Of course there is also the option to enjoy high tea by the pool for only $8.

The restaurant has the most delicious and very good priced food and cafe. The breakfast buffet has everything you could possible need, and more. I am a big breakfast lover, no matter what time I wake up and I will make I make it down for breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day right! The breakfast here does not disappoint. The homemade yoghurt is an extra special treat.

The rooms are very clean and beautiful. We of course test the bed in the only way possible, throw-yourself-on-the-bed-test. The bed passed!

There is a/c, a mini-fridge, complimentary tea, coffee and water.

The hotel is in a great location close to the river, the shops, the russian marker (see here). They are tuk tuk drivers outside the hotel, which are friends of the Tea House, always ready to take you anywhere you like.

Check them the TeaHouse here

Russian Market

The place to buy anything your heart desires. Mainly clothes and food. This is the place to buy the new wardrobe. Most of the clothes here is of course fake, as most street shops/markets in Asia. However some of the clothes comes from the factory and has minor defects, so the reals stuff with the cheap price.

Another way they sell the clothes is by buying the materials from the factory and then putting everything together. Eg. a pair of Nike shoes, they will buy the sole, canvas, shoes laces all separately and then put it together. It’s very normal for the factory to have excess of everything in order to make the different product and the excess is then sold on cheap and these guy will then put it together. Good material, might not look exactly like it should and fairly cheap price. Remember to haggle!


We were lucky enough to try a traditional Cambodian spa treatment, check out our experience and direction here

Overall Cambodia is amazing. Its a place I would highly recomend and a place I would love to visit again one day

Koh Rong island

This is just such a beautiful island, we loved it here and didn’t want to leave. Check out our experience and diretions here


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