Mekong delta day trip, is it worth going?

No, is the quick answer.

This is such a popular thing to do whilst in Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh, so we thought we had to do it.

With the price of only $8.00, this sound too good to be true. This price includes the transport, lunch, entrance and the boat ride down the river.

Sometimes you find yourself in a tourist trip and this is definitely one of them.

Starting the day, it takes 2 hours each way from Ho Chi Minh to get to the Mekong delta. The first stop is visiting a “bee farm”, or so we thought. This turned out to be a place where they had only 2 beehive huts and the showedus the honey from the bees. This was pretty impressive to be fair, but that was it. We were then giving a sample of a drink with honey and some food covered in honey before trying to sell us everything they has just shown us. Of course all the other tours are also here, in the same place at the same time as us.


They also had a Python which was pretty fun to be fair, we got to hold it and they didn’t even charge us.


The next trap they take us to is the “coconut plantation”. Our tourguide tells us before we get there that she will show us the process of making coconut sweets. This of course doen’t happen and we then get free time, so bacsially they leave us in a place to “enjoy” the area.  The only problem is there is literally nothing to do there other than looking at the shops selling sweets made from coconut, ornaments made from coconuts and other coconut related products. We actually caved and bought candy but only because they tasted so good. They have free tasters, so with 30 min. we managed to get thorugh quite a lot before we caved in and bought them.


It’s now time for lunch, you know, cold rice with one mouthful of chicken. This is the most disappointing lunch we had had in ages. Of course you can always buy the Elephant ear fish as a side dish, they are very keen to try to sell this, probably because they know the food is crap and you will go hungry.

We have free time to enjoy this place where you can feed the fish with a babies bottle!?! Or hit crocodiles in the head with chicken on a string. Not enjoying this we leave early and sit on the boat and wait for the next part of this fun day out.


This is what we have been waiting for, being on a small boat going down the Mekong river. It starts of really nice, the ladies are super nice rowing us along whilst we are hiding from the sun under the rice hats.

At the end of it we have people shouting at us from all angles “tip tip tip”, “give us money”, not exactly what we thought we signed up for.

A perfect ending to a “perfect” day finishes up with some ladies in traditional Vietnamese dresses singing “If you’re happy and you know clap your hands”. This is actually what happened. Of course they wanted money after for singing that lovely song amongst a few other songs. We resisted the temptation of giving them all our money.

This was the end, then return to Ho Chi Ming for around 17.00.

I am sure they are other tours out there doing a better job, however everyone we saw did exactly the same. We saw the same people in the same cafe, restaurant, boats etc.

I would never go again or recommend it to anyone else. If of course, you have nothing better to do for the day and want to see the Mekong Delta it’s only $8, so why not.




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