Day trip to Temburong National Park

This is one of the main attractions in Brunei, one that most tourists will enjoy.

A day spent on a speedboat, a long-boat and high up on the canopy in the Borneo rainforest.

Temburong National Park

The day starts with a pick up at 7am from the hotel in Bander Seri Begawan and we are taken to the harbor opposite the water village.

For the next 45 min we are taken through to the other side of Brunei on the water. This is definitely fun. Driving around the winding river at high-speed really leaning into the turns, what’s not to like. This is a place where, if lucky, the proboscis monkey can be spotted. We were not that lucky unfortunately.

Going down the river on the long-boat

We are then met by another lady to drive to us to the long-boat with a quick stop for light breakfast.

We put on the life jackets and set of. Driving through this incredible area of unspoilt rainforest which happens to be the largest in the world. Spotting many different birds including the king fisher and the Rhinoceros hornbills on the way is a real treat. So quiet and peaceful, not many boats around even though it high season. The rainforest is so beautiful and it’s the perfect way to enjoy from the boat.


This highlight of the trip is getting up high into the rainforest. We walk up 1200 steps in order to get to the canopy. This is really just scaffolding. Starting off we get a few rules, like only one person one the ladder, two people on the stop points and 2 people on the bridge at the same time. This is not that reassuring since we are basically just climbing up scaffolding. If scared of heights, this is not the thing for you.

Temburong rainforest from the top of the Canopy

I am not a fan of heights but also I won’t let it stop me getting up there. I set off and after a while I kind of get used to it, I just don’t look down.

Climbing to the top, it’s 50m up, this is totally worth it. The view is spectacular, walking in the rainforest is one thing but seeing it from the top is so different and incredibly beautiful. A 360° of the rainforest, this is something else and so beautiful and slightly scary at the same time.

Reaching the bottom we are very happy we went up and it really wasn’t that bad climbing up.

It’s now time for a fish pedicure in front of the waterfall. Doctor fish, as some people call them, start nibbling at your feet and it kind of tickles in the beginning. After a while it starts getting more serious, a fun yet strange feeling. Getting a fish pedicure in the middle of the rainforest in front of a waterfall is pretty incredible.

Next is the going down the river on the tubes, this is pretty slow,  yet still enjoyable. Nothing crazy, just a lovely ride down the river.

Tubing down the river

Lunch time! Again we spot more beautiful birds whilst having the lunch prepared by our tour guide. Once lunch is finished is time to head boat to the city, first on the long-boat and then on the speedboat.

This tour can be booked either online, tour agency or with the hotel. We paid $137 Brunei dollars $100 USD

Is it worth it?

If money is no object then definitely go. If on a tight budget and you have already experienced some sort of rainforest then maybe no. I this guess this all depends on the individual person.


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